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  • Lucie Le Cointe

Cabbage rolls with lentils

Updated: Feb 18

This is a great recipe if you have leftovers! Also perfect for the season as we have plenty of cabbage in our veg box at the moment.

I make this meal using soup leftover, green lentils, rice and courgette leftover.

Cabbage leaves rolls

I used the soup as a bouillon for the lentils (previously soaked for two hours) and just add a bit of water to cover the lentils while they cook. You can also cook your lentils with water and add some spices like ground cumin. They will need around 20 minutes to cook.

If you have some other leftovers in your fridge, it's time to add them to the lentils to warm everything. I add the equivalent of a mug of a mix of rice and courgette. Add more spices and salt to your taste.

Boil a big amount of water in a pan, with a pinch of salt. Detach 4 big leaves from the cabbage and put they whole into the water, let them cook for around 5 minutes (cabbage can turn a bit bitter if you cook it too long, for this recipe you want soft but still firm leaves).

When the cabbage is cooked, dry the leaves delicately in a tea towel (avoid burning yourself!). Place them open into a plate and add two tablespoons of lentils in each.

Place the lentils gently inside the leaf

Then just roll the leaves gently.

Rolled leaves with the lentils

Yes, it's not the sexiest meal ever, but it's warming, easy to make and great to use the leftovers as well as this seasonal veg!

I served the rolls with roasted potatoes and some fresh tempeh from Beet the System.

An healthy zero-waste meal!