Our Story


I am Samantha and I live in Lichfield. I opened The Lichfield Pantry in April 2019 with the support of my family. It was "only" a zero-waste shop at first and it evolved into a lovely farm shop full of eco-friendly goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, some frozen food etc. 


It has been a great adventure so far with loads of supportive people along the road. It means a lot to see that we are more and more people to care about our consumption and its impact on our Planet.

This was the reason I created a zero-waste grocery shop in the first place. I really wanted to do something about the amount of rubbish we were throwing away daily, one step at a time. Our aim is to offer people plastic-free alternatives to their usual products, locally sourced whenever possible. We are trying to keep the carbon footprint of our products as low as possible.

I know living a life without plastic and with less packaging can be challenging, so, fortunately, you will always find help in our shop. Our team has some amazing tips and ideas to share, and we are sure you will have some to share with us as well!

Thank you for supporting our small local business!

The Plant Plot Garden Centre

Stafford Road

Lichfield WS13 8JA



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